Digital signage solutions for education

We want to provide you with maximum help with our technology and expertise to display education-related content on digital signage for schools and other education-related institutes.

If you are looking for digital signage solutions for schools then you must choose matrixepos who have a team of experts ready every time to provide you with attractive solutions to embrace the newness in the education field.


Digital signage in education helps to attract prospective students, staff, academia, teachers, and parents to choose your institute over hundreds out there.


Our expert designers and IT team perfectly develop the right digital signage solutions for education sector clients to meet their needs in a cost-effective manner.

Communication aid

The digital signage solutions for education work as a guide as well as a continuous update on your campus activities and upcoming information.

Gone are the days when notice boards and flex were used to market anything inside the university or college campus. Students feel more attracted to visuals and therefore get a sense of importance that their educational institute also invests for the better.


These interactive signs display events, information, functions, club meetings, concerts, and much more.

Digital signage for the cafeteria

Digital signage solutions are used inside the cafeteria as well. And therefore, due to the rush of students, it becomes very easy for the cafeteria staff to display menus, and display information related to nutrition. We offer our centralized screen management dashboard in this regard.

Advertisement and promotion

We help you advertise and promote local information such as local affairs, town news, traffic updates, etc. or advertise about library bookstores, orientations, homecoming and farewells, exams, and much more related to your college or school.

Contact us and we will present you with many digital signage solutions for education.

Matrixepos has a highly efficient team. We will be happy to get you exactly what you want to improvise in the education sector. Display for the students, of the students to create a sense of positive and visual community.



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