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Matrix Digital Menu Boards

When everything has turned digital, why not add some mouth-watering effects digitally? We, at Matrix Epos, give you the best digital menu boards like an all-in-one complete solution for your food business. Whether you want to display in QSR or deal with a Takeaway food business, we can give you hundreds of options to display your Digital Menu Boards in the UK. Get cost-effective options and tailor-made options as per your pocket and need. As simple as it is.

Animated or Static Digital Menus.Perfect for any Screen.

Static Menus

Digital signage boards reduce dwell time and increase customer purchasing decisions.

Animated Menus

Improve your customers experience break the ice showcase your menus, highlight offers and promotions

Matrix Signage Menu Boards

Have you ever noticed that display menu boards seem brighter and the images you see in them are of more high definition? It is because, the panels we use in them are of commercial grade IPS and they have a brightness of around 450cd/m2. The images will seem as if you are looking at them directly and live.


We give different payment options to our clients therefore we are a reliable and dependable digital signage menu boards company in the UK. These digital menu boards have a lifespan of thousands of hours, once programmed you don’t have to do anything and they will act as the order-taking waiter at your restaurant themselves.

The right return on cash spent

We understand that every business is ultimately about earning more by spending less. Therefore, the food business also has some protocols that customers expect from them and the ones who do not follow them, lag in the industry. We certainly do not want you to suffer. We want you to take full advantage of the money spent and therefore, we want you to trust us as we offer the best rates in the UK for menu display boards.

Matrix digital signage Boards

Premium Quality Menu Boards with clear pricing and no hidden fees

Modern and captivate look up to date food information is a basic requirement of any food industry business. Fast Food industry is taking advantage of digital signage screens by replacing conventional takeaway menu boards. These LCD/LED TV digital menu boards not only give a modern look to your Takeaway or Cafe but also engage yours customers more effectively. This digital menu board are designed to convey your brand and messages visually. Delicious food videos and captivate animation impacts customer decision. Matrix Digital menu boards are not only cost effective in deployment but also save money in the long run.

Premium Quality Animated Digital Menu Boards

Commercial Graded designed for 24/7 Use

Heat Resistant Solid Build

Up to 3 years Warranty

Build Your Digital Menu Board

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We stock a wide range of digital signage display. We have a wide range of Digital Signage Displays available with 32″ to 55” signage screens,  packed with functionality and convenience in an appealing design, With our Signage Screen display, your menu Animated or Still design plays as slide shows or make a video wall with our HD Signage Screen.

prices starting from £349

Digital Signage Displays

If you are looking for a one-roof solution to displaying your products and brands, then you have come to the right place. We are one of the top digital signage displays companies in the UK and provide quick and quality screens for displaying your message to your customers. Digital signage displays are the latest and less-time consuming engagement technique for your customer. Be it a fast-food restaurant, a Pub, or a café, take advantage of high-quality digital signage screens to help make your customer a better and quick decision without reading the menu.

A helping aid to both you and the customer

The main advantage of digital signage is to make the process of decision-making quick and to tempt the customer to trigger a purchase behavior. For this purpose, instead of following the traditional way of displaying your items on a paper or a plastic menu, the digital display screen will have everything in the visual form changing from time to time and displaying if not every, then at least most of the items on your menu. Most of the takeaway business models use these boards to make the decision-making quick and trigger a purchase behavior with the least client interaction. In today’s time, digital display signs have become the need of the hour and there can hardly be any business related to food and confectionery that manage to survive without these signs in a decent manner.

Digital Signage Touch Screens

Visuals have more impact on the customers as compared to the verbal message. The best part is that these TV/LED screens are not only effective but are also cheap. Another advancement in digital signs is that we also have digital signage with touch screens for you. We help you to convey your brand message effectively to the right customer at the right moment. Less time to think, and more time to spend with our digital signage board designed exclusively for you.

Cost-effective option

These signage boards are cost-effective in the long run because they are a one-time investment and they often require maintenance. These sign boards will have a captivating effect on your potential clients. For the food business, these sign boards are mouthwatering and urging pieces of marketing tools. Images used in these boards are of high quality and the videos uploaded are to the point yet informative. We provide you with signage solutions through the latest digital way to be on board with the practices in the 21st century. Our cheap digital signage is the best solution for your retail business.

Client-company relationship

We build strong and long-term relationships with our clients. We honor and maintain business-to-business relationships and value people who put their trust and money into our products. From indoor marketing to outdoor displays, discuss your expectations and needs with us and we will maintain all the standards to be at par with your expectations. We provide support services, maintenance, and warranty against our products. There can be hundreds of ways and uses for displaying your stuff, therefore, we offer a huge range of digital signage displays.

Other clients

Our services are not only confined to the fast-food industry rather, but we also serve beauty and cosmetics, and personal care sectors like salons, wholesale, retail, schools, outdoor public places, exhibitions, and the list also goes on. Our team continuously keeps in touch with the latest advancements and technology and makes use of an advanced network of suppliers to deliver you the best results.

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We have you all covered. Visit us for a live demonstration at our UK office or call us to get an appointment. Should you have any queries, feel free to get more information anytime.

Grab a chair theirs more

A few from our portfolio of some of our clients

Grab a chair theirs more

A few from our portfolio of some of our clients

For more info, get in touch with our Sales team on: 0330 133 0247 | Mon – Sat | 10Am – 6Pm

For more info, get in touch with our Sales team on: 0330 133 0247 | Mon – Sat | 10Am – 6Pm